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为以色列祷告开启 第一天 锡安啊,兴起迎接你的主!Day 01 Zion, Rise up and Receive Your Lord!

AI科技主播小可祷告+AI音乐创作! EKKLESIA天国艺术

锡安啊,兴起迎接你的主! 锡安啊,你现在醒来, 举起你的眼向高山! 从哪里来帮助你的呢? 是从造天地的耶和华! 锡安啊,兴起来迎接你的主! 高声歌唱,跳舞欢呼,荣耀归于神! 耶路撒冷城啊,你要欢腾雀跃, 因为你的王来到,他是救赎的主! Zion, awaken now, Lift up your eyes to the mountains! Where does your help come from? It comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth! Zion, rise up and meet your Lord! Sing loudly, dance and shout for joy, glory belongs to God! O city of Jerusalem, be glad and rejoice, For your King comes to you, He is the Savior!

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